The World Wealth Report 2014 indicates that a burgeoning, multi-trillion dollar Solution Economy has emerged, where investors are harnessing their resources to help make the community and the world a better place.   High net worth individuals are venturing beyond traditional means of fulfilling their social impact goals by making investment choices with a clearly defined social objective.  Eco Energy for Schools was developed by one such investor and can help facilitate a partnership with philanthropic or business investors who may be interested in constructing a solar classroom at no cost to schools.

As an investor in Solar Classrooms, you can expect to generate  a measurable, positive social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.   These investments can be structured to target  ranges from below-market to above-market rates, depending upon your philanthropic preferences.   By investing in Solar Classrooms, you are deploying your capital in a program that will have far reaching benefits.    Not only will it have a direct impact on our environment by generating clean energy, it will have an even greater impact by exposing the minds of young children to education that will inspire them to imagine and perhaps innovate solutions for the future.